Kose Clear Turn Pure Babyish Moisture Mask (7sheets)

Rated as No.1, Most Sold Facial Mask in Japan from2011-2013.
Special care for 20s. Makes your skin like a "Baby Skin"


Moisturize intensive care  mask.  

Moisturize generously andmakes "Baby Skin" Condition the skin, that's the first step to get ababy skin. Hydrate deep inside of your skin.

Think about your skin.

"6 free prescriptions"and mild acidity. Use skin-friendly ingredient for your pure skin. Nofragrance, colorant, no mineral oil, alcohol (ethyl alcohol), surfactant-freeand silicone-free

Fluffy and soft Japan domestic cottonsheet.

Fine textured cotton sheetis easy to spread and tightly fit to your face.
Plenty of serum get through the cotton sheet, and moisturize deep inside ofyour skin.


How to use:

1.Please use with clean skin after washing.

2.Take out a sheet from the bag and spread it. Please fold out of the eye part ofthe mask.
3. Put the mask on your face carefully not to enter the air bubble between themask and your face.
4. Please take off the mask about 15 minutes. It is more effective that tospread the essence left on your face.

*Toavoid to dry mask, please close the zipper tightly.


Suitable for all skin type, especially sensitive skin.


Origin: Japan

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Kose Clear Turn Pure Babyish Moisture Mask (7 sheets)

  • Brand: Kose
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  • RM45.00
  • RM29.00

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