• Majolica Majorca Shadow Customize (WT963 – Luminescent Sap)


Majolica Majorca ShadowCustomize (WT963 – Luminescent Sap) (Metallic Sparkling White Eye Shadow)


TA powder eyeshadow that define eyes and create a perfect depth.


  • Extreme makeover reshaper powder eyeshadow.
  • Highly-pigmented powder. Applies evenly, blends well. Perfectly defined eyes to capture attention.
  • Create a three-dimensional eyes.
  • The shadow texture is fairly soft and smooth.
  • Can be applies easily and evenly.


WT963 is a metallic high lustre white with very dense pigmentation. It is metallic with high shimmer.  Use alone or over any shadow for a shimmering effect. Also makes a great highlighter for the brow bone, eyelid or cheek bone.


Origin: Japan


Expire Date: Dec 2018

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Majolica Majorca Shadow Customize (WT963 – Luminescent Sap)

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  • RM19.99

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